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Wilhelm & Associates Vision Statement

Wilhelm & Associates is a business without borders. We are working with tech savvy clients all over the world, while we are anywhere in the world.

Our clients are varied but all are what we refer to as CAP clients. They have some level of complexity in their financial life and desire help in managing the complexity. They are committed to comprehensive planning.

Our clients love us and regularly refer us to others because we only take on as many clients as we can service easily and with quality, and we are part of their team. We help them to save money, make timely decisions, and effect needed changes or focus. We check in with them frequently to ensure that they are progressing, and help them get back on track.

We use a network of professionals to team with us to provide client service in many fields of expertise and geographic locations.  

Work seems more like play because we are working in areas in which we are interested, competent and that we enjoy. We find ourselves “in the zone” easily and often. Before we know it, it’s time for lunch.

We attract employees who are tech savvy, intelligent, competent, self-reliant, and self starters. Through them, we increase the firm competencies and capacity to serve client needs.

We provide training to all employees to increase their professional competency and job satisfaction.  

Each team member has a voice.

We work as a team, but we are not necessarily “in the office” everyday. We use video conferencing for meetings, to conduct our work, and to service clients.

We are profitable. Cash flow is healthy. Each team member is outcome- and goal-oriented and shares in the profitability.

We recognize that procedures and checklists are necessary; the service we provide is not cookie cutter. We use our team’s experience and knowledge and bring in outside experts when needed.

Some of their attributes are small businesses, professionals, highly educated, highly compensated, real estate owners, property in trust, ownership in other businesses, K-1 recipients.

BOSS is the answer to your back office headaches. Our cloud-based solution enables you to hand complex accounting tasks over to us. We work the numbers while providing you 24/7 access to your data—and all at a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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Our Specialties

  • Real Estate & Rental Professionals

    We are dedicated to helping professionals in the real estate industry build a profitable enterprise. Our firm has earned an excellent reputation working with clients...

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  • Small Government Contractors

    Our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for government entities. We truly understand the challenges that government entities face, and provide you with industry-specific...

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  • Professional Service Providers

    We are committed to helping professional service providers build successful enterprises. Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing...

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